Cruzn’ Words with TED

The Ted Cruz slogan, TRUSTED, has stuck in my craw, partly because it is too slick and partly because its attempt to glue together two words cheats a bit, by using the second “T” twice.  Why not double the “S” instead (as in Truss-TED)?

I used my a trusty word reference (compiled and published by a now-deceased friend here in Ottawa — see below).  There are five pages of words that end with TED, but only a relatively few start with a complete, legitimate word.  Enjoy.
– CommitTED
– OmitTED
– TransmitTED
– TwitTED
– OutwitTED
– StrutTED
– GlutTED
– RegretTED
– FretTED
– PetTED
– CombatTED
– MolesTED
– WasTED
– SpurTED
– BlurTED
– StarTED
– HearTED
– TooTED
– BooTED
– StunTED
– PainTED
– PlanTED
– ScanTED
– SighTED
– WeighTED
– CoveTED
– CloseTED
– DieTED
– FaceTED
– OperaTED
– HydraTED
– BoaTED
– AnimaTED
– EjaculaTED
– ViolaTED
– ScintillaTED
– NauseaTED
[Thanks to: Fred G. Thompson (1993, Ottawa, Canada: Futurescan International, Inc.) Word Game Companion: 60,000 Words Sorted Backwards]


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