Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

C H R I S T O P H E R   J .   B R A D S H A W;

*  B.A., Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio; major in political science; minor in psychology, theatre, and business, 1966
*  French-Language training 1969-1995 (sporadic) to reach level B
*  Management Organization Development certificate program, Carleton University, 1978
*  various employer-provided courses: working with news media (2), writing, graphics, computer-use, dynamic system modelling; proficient in music (play several instruments and vocal music), as well as acting.

* Can-Bike II and Can-Bike Instructor courses, 2012, 2013


2006-Present – retired, but active in creating campaign for ‘hybrid’ carsharing & ridesharing (“Co-Motion”) to complement transit to link suburban neighbourhoods to suburban work centres and thereby replace private/exclusive car ownership. Volunteer work for Uptown Rideau businesses, innovative seniors housing, Walk Ottawa

January 2000-2006 – co-owner/manager of Vrtucar, the car-
sharing company for Ottawa, with 29 cars and 600 members as of
November, 2006 (2017: 150 cars, 3,000 members)  * Primary focus: billing system and outreach

October 1998 to April 1999 and February-March 2000, Interim
Coordinator, Safety & Promotion for Citizens for Safe Cycling, Ottawa.
* prepared policy papers on which campaigns will be based
* wrote and published Better Bicycling free newspaper
* arranged bicycle training program

1997 and 2000 – Environmental and neighbourhoods advisor
for  Bob Chiarelli campaigns as candidate for Regional Chair and (New) Ottawa Mayor (both successful)
* Prepared briefings for all policy areas and neighbourhood community organizations and all-candidates meetings; advised on ward boundaries
* responded to questionnaires from interest groups
* responded to all public enquiries on policy positions

1996 to 2012 – Consultant and principal, Bradshaw Communi-Ties (local community building).
Past clients:
*  Research associate and co-author of “Fitting Places: Physical Environment and Active Living” for Health Canada with David Sherwood, February 1996 to January 1999
* smaller contracts for: City of Ottawa (pathway patrol), Glebe Community Association (membership data system),
Carleton University (lectures on public participation)

May 1974-December 1995 (early-retirement): Community Relations
Officer, Planning Department, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (which in 2001 amalgamated to become “new” City of Ottawa)
*  design, implementation, and evaluation of public participation programs for all major studies and official plan amendments
*  management of the public information programs, including Publishing in process/processus newsletter, brochures, advertising, media relations, information booths
*  monitoring of community issues and concerns and the assessment of impacts; also new technologies
*  designed and managed corporate database of community organizations

December 1971 to May 74 – Executive Director, Canadian Organization of Public Housing Tenants, Ottawa.  Increased member associations from about 50 to 300 nationally.  Published newsletter, The Raised Roof/Ce n’est Un Cadeau. Organized two national conferences (Ottawa & Quebec City).

September 1970 to December 1971 – Research and Liaison Officer, Housing Program, Canadian Council on Social Development, Ottawa.

January 1969 to September 1970 – Volunteer, Company of Young Canadians, Ottawa (youth groups and tenants associations)

September 1966 to November 1968 – Management Trainee and Business Development Officer, General Motors Canada, Vancouver & Toronto

1962-1966 Food Services positions at Oberlin and for one summer in Aurora.

Summers 1964 & 1965: Land surveyor, Urad mine, Empire CO (molybdenum, owned by American Metals Climax)

PUBLISHED MATERIALS (many posted to hearthhealth blog-site):

A. Writings on walkability and urban form:
*  “Green Transportation Hierarchy” (for Ottawalk and Greenprint, 1992) (
*  “Creating – and Using – an Index for Neighbourhood Walkability: Towards an Agenda for Local Heroes” (presentation at the 14th International Pedestrians Conference, Boulder, CO, September 1993); reprinted in Urban Quality Indicators issue 14, Summer 1999.
*  “The Walk and Roll City: A Vision for the City Without Cars, Trucks, or Buses” (presentation to the International Auto-Free Conference, Toronto, Ontario, May, 1992)
*  “Neighbourliness: the Most Potent Form of TDM (Transportation Demand Management) Measure” (in Improving Neighbourhood Travel Options, proceedings of a workshop, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, November 1995),

*”The Itty-Bitty City: Making Your Neighbourhood a Village by Walking and Talking Locally,” speech given on behalf of City of Portland Pedestrian Program and Willamette Pedestrian Coalition on September 20, 1995; previewed at annual general meeting of Ottawalk, September 11, 1995 * “Walkable Community and Traffic Calming'” workshop at AGM of Ontario Environment Network, Oct. 21, 1995
*  “Walking, Walkability, And Community: The Importance of the Green Transportation Hierarchy” for the proceedings of the OECD Conference on Sustainable Transportation, March 1996,
*  “Using our Feet to Reduce our Footprint: Local Life and Sustainability” Local Environment journal [January 1997];
*  “Walkability” in Beyond the Car: Essays on the Auto Culture, 1995,  Toronto: Steel Rail Press and Transportation Options;

* “How Far Out Should We Buy” in Ottawa Citizen Homes section, September 26, 1998
*  “How My Family Kicked the Car Habit” in Ottawa Citizen, March 4, 1999
* “The Nearer, The Dearer: Looking Back on 23 Years of Pedestrian Advocacy,” the keynote address to the Congress of Pedestrian Advocates, Oakland CA, August 2001 (and recipient of award as the “father” of the movement)
* “How Carsharing Reduces the “Drive to Drive” and Improves Walkability,” paper presented to WALK21, Toronto, Canada, October 4, 2007 (,%20Chris-How%20Carsharing%20Can%20Reduce%20_reformatted_..pdf)
* “Combining Ridesharing & Carsharing: A New “Hybrid,” Peace & Environment News, March-April 2008
* “Road Closed Ahead: How Only 2nd-Generation Carsharing Can Create the Car-Free City”, presentation to the Toward Car-Free Cities Conference, Portland, Oregon, June 18, 2008

* “Rethinking the Automobile” Synthesis/Regeneration June 2008  (
* “A Century of Car-Ownership: Understanding Mobility,” draft comments to Annual Meeting of the Transportation, Traffic & Mobility (T2M) conference, Ottawa, Ontario, September 19, 2008
* “Sharing: Is it Time for Comeback for Mankind’s Oldest Technology?” a talk to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, Ottawa, March 10,  2010.                                                                                                                                                                                                            * “Feet Follow Fabric” Presentation to the World Planning Day forum (via Internet).  Available on request from author.  October 2011.

* “Making Do With Fewer Cars: A New Meaning for Car-Efficiency” lead essay for proposed special issue of Journal of the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, but never published by them.  A second essay, “A Theory of Psychological Car-Dependence: Why  We ‘Love’ Our Cars (a speculative essay)” was withdrawn by self before submission (both appear on this site).

B. Other:
*  numerous articles in Glebe ReportCentretown Buzz, OSCAR (Old Ottawa South newspaper), Peace and Environment News, Better Bicycling.
*  Several presentation/papers on “Informal Participation”, most notably in Constructive Citizen Participation, September, 1983 and at the annual conference of the Canadian Institute of Planners, Hull, Quebec, June 1982 (included in proceedings); and “Contact Management Software for Public Participation and Community Relations”, presentation to the annual conference of the International Association of Public Participation, September 1995.
*  book reviews in the Journal of the Canadian Institute of Planners, November 1995; Queen’s Quarterly, Autumn, 1986, and Policy Options, November, 1985
*  Taught course on “Social Networking”, Ottawa Board of Education, adult education division, 1983 and “Feet on the Ground: Walking Your Community Back to Health” 1996
*  “Privacy and You”, a booklet for the Civil Liberties Association, 1978; “Sustainable Transportation” for Tucker House, Ottawa (2011)
*  Housing: contributor to Is There a Case for Rent Control?, and co-author of Tenants Rights in Canada (with Michael Audain), Canadian Council on Social Development, 1972 and 1971
*  Electoral Reform articles in Policy Options (August 2001) and Ottawa Citizen, August 2001 ( [other related submissions on this site].


*  founder (in 1988), newsletter editor, and president (1996-2000) of Ottawalk: The Association of Pedestrians and Walkers of Ottawa and Area (edited newsletter 1988-1995, 1996-2000) and member, Ottawa Pedestrians Advisory Group, 1995-2000; member, Ottawa Mobility Issues Advisory  Committee, 2001-2002; Gottawalk campaign (Ottawa Health Dept.), 1999-2002& 2014-present; member, Ottawa Pedestrian & Transit Advisory Committee (2001-2003); vice-chair, Ottawa Seniors Transportation Committee of the Council on Aging of Ottawa (2006-20015) including several subcommittees, two of which I founded: Walking & Older Drivers)Steering committee for Walk Ottawa, 2014-present; owner-moderator pednet (international English-language maillist for pedestrian advocates, 1995-2015; in 2016, the list ‘morphed’ to a new list sponsored by the International Federation of Pedestrians, on Googlelists)
*  member of board of directors, Glebe Report, 1992-1996; Glebe Community Association board, 1996-2006; Federation of Citizens Assoc., 1996-2000; Greenprint: Roundtable on the Environment, 1996-97, Carleton Condominium Corporation 27, 1973-76, Ottawa Civil Liberties Association, 1969-1972
*  membership coordinator, International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), National Capital Chapter, 1995-1997.
*  chair, Public Access Committee, National Capital Freenet, 1994-1995
*  convener, Ottawa Valley Community Relations Network, 1985-1993
*  convener, Friends of the Future Network, Ottawa, 1980-84
Green Party of Canada, Leader of federal party (March 2001 to February 2003 — was supposed to be ‘interim’);  provincial candidate (May 1999 &  2003); federal candidate in Ottawa Centre (November 2000),  Bonavista-Trinity-Conception (May 2002), and Leeds Grenville (May-June 2004).  Top vote-getter in 1999 (2.3%), second best in Ontario in 2000 (2.5%); top vote-getter in 2003 (7.7%);  5.3% in 2004.  Co-chair GPC convention committee July-Nov. 2005.  Co-chair, Ombuds Committee, 2003-2006; co-chair, National Campaign Committee; member, GPC Fund board, 2006-2007.

* coordinator, “Walk ’til You Shop” partial street closure and fair in the Glebe, part of 2005 International Car-Free Day, September 24.

Other Local: Citizens for Safe Cycling;  convener, Friends of Uptown Rideau; member & block captain, Action Sandy Hill; member & co-convenor, Sandy Hill Seniors Network; and part of “This  Little Bike Goes to Market” (promoting carrying cargo on bikes); Greystone Older Adults Cohousing (2015-2016); walk leader for Jane’s Walks, 2008-2017 (Pedestrian Safety Downtown, 2008-2011; “Uptown Rideau: Main Street Interrupted,” 2012-present; Doing a Neighbourhood Walk Audit, 2016, with Walk Ottawa).

Awards: “Earth Angel” designation by radio station “Energy 1200,” 1990 (for organizing “Touch the Earth . . . . Walk” event as part of Earth Day); RMOC employee bonus/award for organizing “Perspectives 2000+” for over 300 registrants at Congress Centre; Whitton Award, in 2000, from City Councillor Inez Berg for “tremendous contribution to the community in the area of environment” (for co-founding Vrtucar); Golden Footprint Award from America Walks, 2001, “father of pedestrian advocacy in North America;” Award of Merit from Progressive-Conservative House Leader Jeb Baldwin for “Outstanding service to the cause of Freedom of Information” (1980); Voluntary Service to the Council on Aging of Ottawa (2012)

Recognition: City of Ottawa Mobility Issues Advisory Committee (from Mayor, City Clerk, 2001); Co-chair of Federal Campaign, Green Party of Canada (from Leader, 2006); Pathway Patrol Pilot Project (Mayor Holzman, 1997, Mayor Watson, 1998 & 1999);

Appointments: to National Council of Welfare, 1973, by Hon. Marc Lalonde (by order of Cabinet); Boys’ State (nine-day goverance ‘experience’ at University of Colorado & State Capitol, 1961, selected by Aurora Rotary Club).

Media coverage: National: national news services, early 1970 for rent strike in Ottawa against Hamilton, ON, landlord, Wayne “Skippy” Paikin. May 2, 1991; U.S.: New York Times, “Rebellion Spreads for Walkable Cities” by Jane Holtz Kay; “Pedestrians’ advocate addresses forum,” by Lee Perlman, The Oregonian, September 14, 1992; Local: subject of column by Ottawa Citizen’s Shelley Page, “Putting the Best Foot Forward for Walking,” August 25, 1996; “Saving the Walking Wounded,” column by Julie Oliver, Ottawa Citizen, November 2, 1997; “Activist seeks to bring car-sharing to Ottawa,” in Ottawa Express, March 11, 1999; “Eye Candy” contribution to Toronto Star “Wheels” section on my vintage Raleigh Twenty folding bike, August 1, 2015.

FAMILY: Married for 48.5 years to Maryann, a native of New York City;  daughters — intellectual-property lawyer and petroleum geologist, respectively — have three young grandsons, & one granddaughter.  Live car-lite (using carsharing, transit, bicycles, and walking, instead of an owned car, since 1995) in Sandy Hill, near downtown Ottawa.

updated 2018/03/08


2 Responses to “Curriculum vitae”

  1. Peter Sutherland Says:

    Hi Chris:
    Are you the person that took part in the “Seniors Housing” online chat (hosted by Ottawa Citizen). I’d be interested in speaking with you about your “bungalow concept” if this is the case.
    Peter Sutherland

  2. Pete Pointner Says:

    Impressive, important and vital. Keep up the battle!
    Pete Pointner FAICP, ALA, ITE

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