Previously Published Works

“The Green Transportation Hierarchy” ,  January 1992 (Rev’d. 2004)

“Creating – and Using – an Index for Neighbourhood  Walkability: Towards an Agenda for Local Heroes” (presentation at the 14th International Pedestrians Conference, Boulder, CO, September 1993)

“The Walk and Roll City: A Vision for the City Without Cars, Trucks, or Buses” (presentation to the International Auto-Free Conference, Toronto, Ontario, May, 1992)

“Walkability” in Zielinsky, Sue & Gordon Laird (Eds.) Beyond the Car: Essays on the Auto Culture,  1995, Toronto: Steel Rail Press and Transportation Options

“Walking, Walkability, And Community: The Importance of the Green Transportation Hierarchy” for the proceedings of the OECD Conference on Sustainable Transportation, March 1996

“Using our Feet to Reduce our Footprint: Local Life and  Sustainability” Local Environment journal (January 1997)

“How My Family Kicked the Car Habit” in Ottawa Citizen,  March 4, 1999

“The Nearer, The Dearer: Looking Back on 23 Years of Pedestrian Advocacy,” the keynote address to the Congress of Pedestrian Advocates, Oakland CA, August 2001 (and recipient of award as the “father” of the movement)

“How Carsharing Reduces the ‘Drive to Drive’ and Improve Walkability,” paper presented to WALK21, Toronto, Canada, October 4, 2007

“Combining Ridesharing & Carsharing: A New “Hybrid,” Peace & Environment  News, March-April 2008

“Road Closed Ahead: How Only 2nd-Generation Carsharing Can Create the  Car-Free City”, presentation to the Toward Car-Free Cities Conference, Portland, Oregan, June 18, 2008

“A Century of Car-Ownership: Understanding Mobility,” the Transportation, Traffic & Mobility (T2M) conference, Ottawa, Ontario, September 19, 2008


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